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My daughter has really blossomed this year from being relatively insecure when doing activities independent of her big sister into eagerly looking forward to going to dance every week. Ms. Tenisha is fabulous with all the kids in her class and pushes them to do their best while loving on them and encouraging them.



Reclaim is a gift to our community at large. Even though we are not in a major city, it boasts top quality programs for our hill country residents. We are grateful to have a selection of creative classes and a top notch theater program.  My two boys really enjoy the theater program at Reclaim. They get to use their creativity in a very positive atmosphere that is God centered. The productions are of high quality and our family really enjoys going to see the performances.



Reclaim Arts Academy has really been a blessing for my children. Each of their teachers have helped them really excel in their individual passions. They loved it so much they would like to add an additional class next year.



My daughter was already interested in learning more about various facets of the arts, but Reclaim Arts Academy has helped her not only grow in her abilities and confidence but has also helped her discover new ways to use her God-given talents to make a difference in the world. I also love the fact that the courses are centered around faith and that the students are able to learn and explore the arts in such a safe and supportive environment.



I learned a lot about acting and had so much fun, especially practicing for the spring recital in my drama class and making props. Also, musical theater was a lot of fun!